Residential Services

HSC provides a comprehensive system of substance abuse treatment services; including, medically supervised detoxification, residential treatment settings, and outpatient programs followed by continuing care and specialized services. Some of the services are gender specific and are provided through separate residential programs for women and men.

For both residential substance use treatment facilities listed above, men and women are provided with individualized services based on assessment, exploration of the individual's community support system and their motivation to change. Men and women in our programs have the opportunity to progress through phases of recovery support such that they are able to build “recovery capital”. Recovery capital has to do with the quality and number of resources that each individual can draw upon to sustain wellness after treatment.

Individualized recovery building includes rehearsal of positive behaviors, and the development of recovery and treatment supports.

Continuing Care

When residential treatment is the first step on the road to recovery for an individual, following-up with continued services in an outpatient setting is clearly linked to recovery success. Recovery is an ongoing process. Continuing in outpatient treatment assists with learning and practicing the tools and skills needed to meet the demands of life. Participants attend the Transitions Outpatient groups, choosing the number of groups that matches his or her need.