Outpatient Services

Transitions Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Transitions uses cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), which is the leading treatment for substance use disorders. For the past 20 years, science and research have demonstrated that this is the most effective treatment in helping people to live a meaningful life free from alcohol and drug dependence. CBT is a skills-based treatment that focuses on:

Personalized Care

Because Transitions is committed to provide individualized treatment, our clinical staff meet with individuals entering the program to help them select groups they want to attend based on their personal goals. Transitions staff are committed to working with individuals who have made a decision to change behavior, as well as with those who are beginning to consider whether a change would be helpful. Our staff serve as partners in supporting individuals every step of the way.

Goal-Directed and Present-Focused

Treatment is provided primarily through small groups that encourage individuals to actively engage in group discussions and complete weekly homework assignments. Groups focus on skills that help individuals to achieve current and future goals. Transitions groups last between 8-12 weeks and are offered during day and evening hours. HSC recommends aftercare for ongoing support after completing groups as we know this contributes to positive outcomes. While Transitions does not require attendance at a specific number of groups each week, a nine-hour Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) is available.