Medication Assisted Treatment

Outpatient Medication Assistance for Opiate Dependence

Medication can be a critical option for some people who struggle with opiate dependence. It can regulate the brain chemistry that keeps one stuck in the cycle of addiction and increase engagement in counseling. A combined approach of counseling and medication increases the chances of success in recovery.

Outpatient Methadone

The HSC Outpatient Methadone Program was the first licensed methadone program in the state of Illinois and has been in operation since 1969. The program currently serves over 100 individuals dependent on opiates. Methadone is also dispensed through the outpatient program to clients in our residential facilities. Clients enrolled in the methadone program participate in both group and individual sessions which focus on skill building and developing social and family support as well as general case management services.

Outpatient Suboxone

The Freedom Suboxone Program is an outpatient medication assisted recovery program for opiate dependence. Services include individual and group counseling, physician consultation and regular medication evaluations with a nurse. Suboxone is a form of buprenorphine that helps manage withdrawal and cravings and blocks the effects of any opiate use.