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Mental Health Topics

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The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia (Amazon)

Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich

2006 The Guilford Press

Based on research and experience, Kim Mueser and Susan Gingerich offer ways to deal with depression, psychosis, and other symptoms. The book covers ways to prioritize needs, resolve everyday problems, and encourage loved ones to set life goals. It also offers ways to handle challenges over the course of treatment, such as reducing relapse, making friends and finding work. Issues for parents, children, siblings, and partners are also highlighted. This book is helpful for people dealing with schizophrenia for the first time and those who have dealt with the impact for years.

I am not sick I don't need help! (Amazon)

Xavier Amador

2007 Vida Press

This book offers practical advice and hope for helping people struggling with mental illness. Topics include the truth about denial of illness, how to help, what works and what doesn't, and information about treatment. Information about the nature and scope of the problem is provided, including the newest research. Practical guidance is also offered about when and how to secure "assisted treatment".

Don’t Call Me Nuts! (Amazon)

Patrick Corrigan and Robert Lundin

2001 Recovery Press

This book first introduces the impact of stigma through a case example representative of different experiences of people with serious mental illness. Specific strategies are then reviewed to facilitate change in the injustice of stigma. This book offers ways to deal with the pain of stigma and how to make the decision to disclose one’s mental illness. Empowered people are presented as the opposite of persons stigmatized with mental illness and strategies that foster empowerment are discussed. Protest, education, and strategies to change society’s reaction to stigma are also discussed.

The Family Intervention Guide to Mental Illness

Bodie Morey & Kim Muser, PhD

2007 New Harbinger Publications

Helps family members learn to identify early signs of mental illness and how to get treatment. Outlines steps for recognizing, managing, and recovering from mental illness.

Break the Bipolar Cycle

Elizabeth Brondolo, Ph D & Xavier Amador, PhD

2008 McGraw Hill

Drawing on the latest research in bipolar disorder, stress, and health, this step-by-step guide offers a complete selection of livable, workable solutions to manage bipolar disorder and helps you: