Outpatient Services

Adult Outpatient Services

Adult Outpatient Services are offered at HSC for individuals experiencing symptoms of mental illness primarily from Peoria County. Our focus is on providing a community-based system of support services which include psychiatric evaluation, access to medication, case management, skills training, support groups, and integration with primary healthcare and other community services.

Supportive Employment Services (SES)

Supported Employment offers assistance to individuals experiencing symptoms of mental illness who want to find a competitive job. The Individual Placement and Support model of employment services developed by Robert Drake, M.D., and Deborah Becker, MSW, from Dartmouth College is the approach used. This evidence-based “place-train” model uses rapid job search and provides employment support for an unlimited amount of time. Motivational Interviewing is used to assist persons to decide if they wish to work. “Motivational Interviewing” is a collaborative approach for strengthening a person's own motivation and commitment to change.

Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care

An on-site primary health clinic operated by Peoria’s local FQHC, Heartland Community Health Clinic (HCHC), provides a medical home to persons experiencing a mental illness. HCHC and HSC have strengthened our relationship to the betterment of our patients by integrating nursing care and support services. There is also an on-site pharmacy which provides both medical and psychotropic medications to individuals.

Adult Mental Health Court

Treatment in this program is an alternative to incarceration for nonviolent crimes involving mental illness. Individuals recommended agree to ongoing court supervised and monitored treatment.


FIRST.IL programs provide comprehensive, team-based treatment aimed at improving the mental health and quality of life for individuals who have experienced a first episode of a schizophrenia spectrum disorder by promoting early identification and providing best treatment practices as soon as possible. FIRST.IL treatment includes psychiatric care, individual counseling, supported employment/education, family pscyhoeducation, and case management that are all offered by an integrated team based at Human Service Center.