Assertive Community Treatment

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is an evidence-based model of intensive case management providing services for individuals who meet the criteria of frequent and/or extended lengths of stay in psychiatric hospitals. The program serves individuals from the adult mental health population who have greater needs and can benefit from additional supports.

The Human Service Center's ACT team (which includes Williams ACT) serves 175 persons annually with an average caseload of 10 or less per ACT Specialist. This team is comprised of a full time Master's level, licensed manager, a Master's level team leader, 20 Recovery Specialists, two nurses, psychiatrists and support staff. Williams ACT is a part of this team that provides services specifically to individuals under the Williams v. Quinn Consent Decree. These are adults who have a mental illness and have been living in a specialized nursing home that serves individuals experiencing a serious mental illness, but who are capable, with appropriate supports and services, of living in an integrated community setting.