About HSC

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In February of 1976, four not-for-profit providers of alcoholism, mental health and drug abuse services consolidated into a single organization that would become HSC. Located in Peoria, Illinois, HSC employs approximately 275 individuals, including psychiatrists, physicians, mental health counselors, alcohol and drug counselors, managerial professionals and administrative and support personnel.

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HSC offers a continuum of services which includes: Centralized non-emergency intake and assessment services; mobile crisis intervention services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week; residential medical detoxification services; office based psychiatric assessment and medication treatment services; community-based and outpatient mental health case management and counseling services as well as different levels of residential treatment and independent living settings for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness; gender-specific outpatient and residential substance use treatment services; medication assisted treatment services for individuals dependent on opiates and/or alcohol; and, residential, mental health and substance use treatment services for the criminal justice population. Children's services are offered at our True North Solutions private practice facility.

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Human Service Center Foundation

The focus of the Human Service Center Foundation is to support the mission of HSC, to improve the life of each person we serve and the quality of life of our community. This not-for-profit foundation manages investments and owns several facilities used by HSC.